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About Us

We Are The Sourcing Division ...

... of UberConnectForce, Inc., the leading Sales Development Company in the Silicon Valley.

We Have Applied The Same ...

... proven process with 60+ highly trained and skilled, Northern California based consultants, advanced technology including the industry leading smart dialer, AI-enabled talent discovery and open source databases.

And Technology Experts ...

... on staff to vet selected candidates against the technical requirements to assure that we only present the most appropriate qualified and interested candidates.

Our Secret Sauce

 Our advanced AI-powered discovery engine generates targeted candidates on-demand.


This technology breakthrough completely eliminates the need for crawling through LinkedIn, thrashing around in Navigator, combing job boards, or other sourcing databases.

Our deep machine-learning engine mimics the decision-making used by humans, then in real-time, it finds and ranks candidates based on your most successful employee and ideal candidate profiles. 

At Scale And On-The-Fly - In Any Quantities You Desire.

Then, it feeds those high value targets directly into our outreach platform which is integrated with your ATS, enabling our sourcing team to perform outreach at 10X the speed.

10 Times Faster - 100 Times More Targeted.

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